See HyprLoco Live at Your Restaurant

The HyprLoco World Tour 2017

Denver: May 9-10

Tampa/Orlando: May 23-24

Dallas: May 30-31

Los Angeles: June 13-14

HyprLoco’s geolocation intelligence platform increases restaurant online/mobile orders, decreases service time and provides a highly personalized experience for guests.

HyprLoco locates your guest in real-time during online/mobile ordering experience so your team can:

  • Prioritize orders based on guests ACTUAL LOCATION
  • Provide a zero minute-wait, VIP guest experience EVERY TIME
  • Uberize your guest’s experience with relevant, location based messages

Your customers will choose a consistent, personalized, real-time experience over competitors and respond by making return visits and telling their friends.

We’re bringing HyprLoco to a few exclusive locations and we want to show your team how real-time geolocation can transform your guest experience with a huge return for a minimal investment.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get:

  • The restaurant dashboard view in real-time… prioritize orders based on location!
  • See a restaurant’s view of a guest’s arrival at curbside or in-store pickup
  • The guest experience view including real-time alerts informing the guest of order status, loyalty points or survey
  • Learn how HyprLoco integrates with your existing ordering platform, app and technology ecosystem

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video to the right and listen to Southwest Deli Group President Richard Osborn and his IT support staff explain what their restaurant experienced. Here’s the takeaway: “We were looking for solutions to increase our speed and overall efficiency through our call-ahead pick-up. I feel that’s what HyprLoco has done and I’m excited about it.” “This is going to be everywhere. There are companies trying to build it. HyprLoco has it.” HyprLoco wants you to be next.

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